Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad or Good Day ???

Today is bad or good day ???
Today planning is watching movie at the cinema ---- done !!!
The lucky movie is FASTER. Actually i want to see The Green Hornet but the cinema only show for 3D today. The 2D is open tomorrow. Dunno why but it suck. Have to change my plan last minute. Oh well. I still enjoy watching this movie =)

The poster had some attraction... The word "FASTER" mean speed... Then, i think the movie is about racing car like Fast and Furious... Hahahahaha... The first thing i like this movie bcoz Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock played as an ex-con and a DRIVER for a bank robber group. The way he driving is like crazy man... Awesome car skill
The GUN that kill almost every people in the movie
The second thing i like in this movie is his gun... Powerful blow !!! Thats the rock i talkin about... His gun shoot like a shotgun... LoL... No one can exhange fire with him... Even the professional killer can not shot him...
My movie ticket
The movie is awesome and i give it 4/5. The BAD is the "Killer" role does not seem much as a pro killer (looks like amateur killer).
So, what do you think about my day ? Bad or Good (+_+)


  1. if you having fun, so ur day is good laa...hahaaa

  2. walaupun rase cm bad day, pura2 je buat good day

  3. the conclusion is --- good day... at least i enjoy watching the movie. hohoho =)