Saturday, January 15, 2011

ChurpChurp 1st Time Campaign

1st time campaign... Didn't know it works or not... 
Can anyone tell me ? If i did it wrong or not...
I actually did not really understand the system churpchurp...

Below is the link for ChurpChurp Campaign
For 2011, I am going to start my year with my latest Samsung Galazy tab! It's super amazing. Head over to #CelcomGreatSale to grab one now!

I hope it works *Sighs* 


  1. it works kot. lots of people tried it.. and they really get the incomes.

  2. how does it works ??? just clicking the link above or like nuffnang... still didn't understand the churpchurp concept

  3. gud luck with making money with churp churp. I dah cash out twice. Skrg payah sket.. cmpaign dah tak banyal

  4. ade jugak dapat churp2 xreti gune