Monday, January 31, 2011

What a day *&^%#%&**$%$

My plan for today is to go MAYBANK or CIMB to add some saving to my ASB account... However, there are too many people and a long long queue...  Damn it... Forgot to bring my handphone that got camera... So, i can not snap the pic... Oh well... Let see what is ASB all about... (majority already know but there will someone who didn't know the benefit of ASB)

Some sneak peak of ASB
From Google Search =)

 "Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) is the second unit trust schemes. It was launched on 2 January 1990. Unit trust in Malaysia is like mutual fund in the United States. ASB is only open to Bumiputeras, which roughly means the native peoples of Malaysia and therefore excludes historical immigrant groups such as Chinese and Indians. ASB has an input limit of RM 200,000, meaning that one can only invest new money up to that point. There is, however, no upper limit on the value of an account, so capital gains which are retained in the account are allowed to cause it to exceed RM 200,000. Capital gains in ASB accounts are not subject to taxes. Dividends are paid each year and put back into the account so that compounding is achieved." From Wikipedia
ASB Dividend and Bonus
For 2010, the ASB result has rise a bit.  Dividend from 7.30 to 7.50sen and Bonus maintain at 1.25sen. ASB give more dividend compare to other investment plan. Plus there is no risk. Further information, click this ASB  .

" Let's Saving For Our Future "


  1. first, take our number.. then go to kedai kopi to have some coffee, then after 3 hours, come back and settle it.

  2. nice idea but i went to the bank late evening... my mistake... hohohoho... never mind .. i will go to bank next week... after CNY festive.. ^_^