Friday, January 28, 2011

Becoming PS3 maniac (0_o)

Holiday at last... Have peaceful mind like the beach below...

From one of my plan list, playing PS3 !!!!! On the night that i came back home, the only thing that i grab first is the PS3 controller... Hahahahahaha... But when i came back, the PS3 had become like this ... WTF !!!

Barbecue... Not my picture. LoL =P
Hotdog for everyone
Nahhhh... That is not my bro PS3... This picture below is the real one

Another joke for today... Hehehehe
This one is the real real one
Lazy enough to capture the pic of my bro PS3
Enjoy ur life everyone


  1. Syed Hilmi Syed Yahya : ps3 3 in 1 ?? xde la bro.. cd ps 1 dah xleh pakai.. kalau ade, aku pun nak order... hehehe

  2. ps2+ps1 = ps3...
    memang cun..balik ni aku buat..haha

  3. Darn if only I have a PS3 then I would be playing Star Ocean 4 right now. Hmm...