Saturday, January 15, 2011

Insomnia ???

Insomnia ???

I have never cross in my mind that i will have insomnia... Before this, i think i can never have insomnia... Because i can sleep whenever i want... =P

The most common that people say, drinking nescafe or caffeine drinks can make you awake @ insomnia... Not for me... Nescafe to me is just a normal beverage that does not effect my sleep... Sometimes drinking nescafe before go to sleep.... SO DRINKING NESCAFE DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOU AWAKE... the fact that drinking nescafe can guarantee you awake is wrong... hahaha... from my little experiment on nescafe...

Back to the story, i have insomnia yesterday... Damn... Can not even sleep properly 

This is not joking !!! Insomnia give me pain
This some information about insomnia... (Lazy enough to type... just upload the picture)

Symptoms of Insomnia

P/s : To other blogger, please take care of your health... This is serious matter between life and death (A bit metaphor here)... 

Do some medical check-up or see the doctor if you have sleep problem regularly


  1. imsoniua tuh salu muncul bile banyak berfikir before tido kan? entah la..huhu

  2. agak la... tapi time 1st insomnia ni, xde fikir pape pun... mgkin bnyk fikir nak tido kot... adeyh

  3. sama la kita bro. saya pun tak boleh nak tidur malam. kalau nak tidur je, mesti susah nak lelap mata. pulak tu takde rasa nak tidur. kalau tertidur awal dalam pukul 10 malam pulak selalu terbangun awal dalam pukul 2.30 pagi ke pukul 3.00 pagi.