Friday, January 21, 2011

Nuffnang XChange Proof ???

This statement below taken by Nuffnang Website 

Welcome to Nuffnang XChange! Driving traffic to your blogs has always been a priority for us, and with Nuffnang Xchange we hope to do just that.

Paste the codes below to join the Nuffnang XChange. A widget will appear at the bottom-right of your blog with quick links to the latest blog posts, Innit chatter, and even a space for you to jot down your thoughts. You can choose from two themes to fit your blog, and look out for more to come in the future!
In support of the average blogger, only blogs with an average of <300 uniques a day will be featured in the RSS tab.

You can better target the feeds that appear in your blog widget's "RSS" tab by selecting the correct language in your Blog Manager.

You can improve the chances of your post being picked up to feature in the RSS tab by making sure that your blog has a valid RSS feed, and by filling in the title of your blog post, and the excerpt field (if applicable).
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at our Helpdesk!
This system appear to help those blogger that receive an average of below 300 uniques a day... New people that join Nuffnang must have doubt about this system... Whether Nuffnang do their work or not...

See inside the ball... Showing my blog even i open my own blog
End of the story... Nuffnang XChange works !!!

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